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How to integrate ClickUp

This article will provide a brief explanation of how to integrate ClickUp.

1- You need to log in to your team owner account.
2- Navigate to “Account Settings” > “Integrations” tab

3- Click on the “Connect to ClickUp Account” button

4- Enter your ClickUp credentials

5- Select your workspace and click on the "Connect Workspace" button

That's it. You have linked your DeskCove account to your ClickUp account.

If there are lists you have already created in ClickUp, you can quickly move all the tasks in those lists to Deskcove.

To do this, follow the steps below.
Go to the Project page
Press the "Edit" button of the project you want to link the ClickUp List to

Select the ClickUp list you want to link to this project and press the "Save" button.

If there are tasks in the ClickUp list you linked, you will see them on the DeskCove "Tasks" page after taking the steps above.

Updated on: 02/01/2023

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