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How to utilize Roles feature

This article will provide a brief explanation of how to utilize Deskcove "Roles" features.

Deskcove's different roles allow you to customize your team's access levels.
By customizing their role, each member of your team can have different levels of access.

Let's examine step by step how you can use the roles feature as a team owner.

1- You need to log in to your team owner account.
2- Navigate to “Account Settings” > “Features” > “Roles”

Deskcove does not assign any level of access to the "Team Member" and "Project Manager" roles by default in order to provide enough flexibility to our users.

You can decide which features you want to assign these roles.
Simply check the boxes to accomplish this.

For example, let's say we want the "Project Manager" role to create projects and see other members' timecards.
It will be enough to check the two relevant checkboxes for this.

If these two roles are not enough for your team, it is also possible to create a new role.

All you have to do now is to assign one of your members as the project manager.
To do this, navigate to the “Members” page.
Click the "Edit Member" button for the member you want to assign as "Project Manager".

Select the “Project Manager” from the roles dropdown and click on "Save" button.

That's all.
Now selected person can create a new project and see other members' activities.
In order for the update to take effect, your member may need to log out and then log back in.

Updated on: 28/12/2022

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